Email Solutions

Managed Spam Filter

Total Email Security
Email-based threats to the security of your business continue to grow increasingly sophisticated as spammers innovate new tactics for evading spam and virus filtration systems. Managed Spam Filter puts your email security in the cloud, so you never again have to worry about keeping up with these malicious attackers. Your email security stays current, automatically protecting your business around the clock.

Policy enforcement and regulatory compliance
Managed Spam Filter enforces email security policies and helps assure legal and regulatory compliance across your organization for inbound email. Managed Spam Filter enables your organization to delegate management privileges for multiple administrators with different roles and access levels. It also allows administrators to configure email policy management according to global, user group, or individual user requirements. In addition, Managed Spam Filter email security service improves email security management through a convenient web console that provides real-time configuration and policy modifications, monitoring, and alerting, as well as comprehensive reporting for administrators. If your business requires secure, encrypted delivery,

Time-saving Email Security Reports
Managed Spam Filter's Email Security Reports give people a clear, straightforward view of their quarantined email in case an email they wanted is held for having too many spam-like characteristics. When enabled, end-users can instantly release email directly from the report without even needing to log in.

Hosted Exchange

Full Featured Mailbox
With Hosted Exchange you get a full featured hosted mail box. That includes a 10GB mailbox, Contact/Calendar Syncing to mobile devices and Outlook on your PC, and Outlook on the Web for when you are on the go. Our per mailbox pricing take advantage of the tools that

Includes the Managed Spam Filter
We have bundled the Managed Spam Filter so you get all the benefits of having protection and Hosted exchange making it easier for you to get set up.

Enhanced outbound experience

Send Protection adds many outbound features, including DLP, outbound quarantines, TLS, and content policies. Send Protection effectively reduces the daily headaches associated with managing your IP reputation.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Bracket Encryption: For users who require even more security, you can add on Bracket email encryption for an extremely affordable price.
  • Extra Storage: Need more storage? You can easily add storage to a mailbox (5 GB increments) on the fly for up to 50 GB total size

Hosted Email

Light Mailbox

Don't need all the features of Hosted Exchange, Hosted Email provides a robust email hosting solution for companies that don’t maintain their own e-mail server. Hosted Email will act as the primary mail server for your domain, handling both inbound and outgoing email. Send and receive email via our secure Hosted Email console or with a desktop or mobile client via POP/IMAP connection. Calendar/contact syncing are handled by CalDAV and CardDAV. Includes 25GB if storage per mailbox.

Includes the Managed Spam Filter
We have bundled the Managed Spam Filter so you get all the benefits of having protection and Hosted Email making it easier for you to get set up.

Includes Webmail

Hosted Email lets your users login to the webmail console to send and receive email just as they would through a desktop client. Our webmail interface is user-friendly and works so well that no complicated instructions are needed. With the Hosted Email webmail platform it also provides a great way for your users to manage contacts, calendars, out-of-office auto reply messages, and other valuable items.

Office 365 and G-Suite

Looking to use Office 365 or GSuite
Office 365 and Gsuite offer services that are similar in nature but vastly different in features. We can review your business needs with you discuss the options greater detail to find the best fit.

Email Backup

Already Using Office 365 or GSuite
Office 365 and Gsuite does NOT provide any built in methods to backup your email. If you are hit with a Ransomware or Cyrptoware it could infect your email.

Backup Service
Whether you need to secure your cloud data to meet standards and regulations or want to prepare your business in case of data loss or a ransomware attack, Email Backup Service reduces risk and avoids a devastating IT crisis.